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The KRMA Team are just as much about safeguarding as they are about Martial Arts.

This section of our site is dedicated to all things safeguarding.

meet krma SUPERHERO... SAFEGUARDING officer SUSIE!!!

She has a wealth of knowledge and is an amazing member of our team who we really couldn’t do without.  Here are some words from Susie…..

our safeguarding stuff....

our safeguarding policy

our safe practice policy

our child protection policy

our safer recruitment policy

our complaints procedure

our social media policy

our staff code of conduct

important info....

Here at KRMA we want you to talk to us about anything that is bothering you. All our staff are happy to help. Please speak with them or message them via our members area on Facebook.

Our designated Safeguarding Officer (Susie) is happy to speak with you at any time of day. You can email her at safeguarding@krma.co.uk
or private message her via our members area on Facebook.

If you do not want to speak to us, there are other people you can talk to:



North Lincolnshire Family Support Team

report a safeguarding concern....

Let us assure you all reports are strictly confidential and will only go to our safeguarding officer

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