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Nerf Guns + Zombies = ? 🤔

Our New Zombie Hunter Parents Night Out is here and we want to make sure that your child doesn’t miss out on one of the coolest nights of the year. The activities for the night are so AMAZING that even our team is really getting into it. we think they even turned up the Air Conditioning in here to make your bones chill.

Wait…it is unusually cold in here. And, we guess we bought a fog machine? Okay, the lights are flickering and I hear groaning…probably just the instructors playing a trick on us, right?

OWW!!!! What just bit me? Oh man… this isn’t !BRAINS! I mean, this isn’t good. Don’t know why I said brains. Grrraaawwwrrrrrr!!!!

Ok, I am going to wrap this up since I am starting to feel a little strange. This event is going to be one-of-a-kind and I chews your child to be there.

If you ask me, signing-up for this Parents Night Out is a no-brainer 🧠. Well I’m dead  ☠️ tired and going to get some sleep. Remember to reserve your spot by clicking the link below! ARGHHHGGHHHHH!!!!! MUSTTTTTTTT EAAAAATTTTTT BRAINSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!

Spots ARE LIMITED!!!!!

So, be sure to Register Now!

DATE: Saturday 23rd October 2021
TIME: 6:00pm – 8:30pm
COST: £20.00


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