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We are your go-to Martial Arts School serving the communities of Brigg, Barton, Barrow, Winterton and surrounding areas. Our school offers a range of programmes, including Karate, Kickboxing, MMA, and Weapons training, providing a comprehensive approach to martial arts for all ages and skill levels.

At Koku-Ryu Martial Arts, we understand that finding the right martial arts school can be a daunting task. That’s why our team is committed to helping you every step of the way, making you feel welcome, supported, and part of our community. Whether you’re interested in self-defense, fitness, or personal growth, we’re here to help you achieve your goals and turn your dreams into reality.

We invite you to explore our website and learn more about our programs and services. If you have any questions or would like to discuss your goals with one of our team members, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We look forward to welcoming you to the KRMA family!

Karate, Kickboxing & MMA in Brigg, Barton, Barrow, Winterton



Dragon Tots
(3-5 YRS)

Our Dragon Tot Programme is specifically designed for ages 3-5 year olds and help them to develop:

✅ Pre Martial Arts Skills
✅ Improved Reactions
✅ Listening Skills
✅ Motor Skill Development
✅ Confidence
✅ Friendships

Junior Dragons
(5-7 YRS)

Our Junior Dragon Programme is specifically designed for ages 5 -7 year olds and help them to develop:

✅ Solid Basic Martial Arts Skills
✅ Discipline Skills
✅ Fitness Skills
✅ Listening Skills
✅ Co-Ordination
✅ Balance
✅ Life Skills

Senior Dragons
(7-14 YRS)

Our Senior Dragon Programme is  designed for ages 7+ who thrive on growth so we help them develop:

✅ Karate, Kickboxing & Jiu-Jitsu Skills
✅ Leadership Skills
✅ Listening Skills
✅ Weapons Training
✅ Real Self Defence
✅ Positive Mental Growth

Traditional Karate
(7+ YRS)

Our Traditional Karate programme is a perfect blend of Shotokan and Wado-Ryu Karate. We help develop:

✅ Mental Growth
✅ Self Confidence
✅ Achievement
✅ Coordination
✅ Self Discipline
✅ Positive Life Experience
✅ Boosts Your Health

K60 Ladies Kickboxing
(14+ YRS)

Our K60 Programme is specifically designed for ladies who want to get fit, healthy and includes:

✅ Real Kickboxing Skills
✅ HIIT Training
✅ Real Self Defence
✅ Self Esteem
✅ Confidence
✅ Friendships

(14+ YRS)

Our KRMA Kombat Programme is specifically designed as an All Round System which includes:

✅ Kickboxing
✅ Jiu-Jitsu
✅ Karate
✅ Weapons Skills
✅ Real Self Defence
✅ Fitness
✅ Fun


check out our reviews

Charlette Farr

My daughter has been going to martial arts for a few years now and she loves it!! Her confidence has grown so much it’s amazing and I can’t thank you guys enough 😊 also my son has just started and he is absolutely loving it he’s excited every week to show off his new moves to his family/friends his new favourite is the “hulk smash” lol

Vicky Gray

My daughter has been a member of Senior Dragons at KRMA for just under a year now and honestly it’s one of the best decisions I made sending her there. Her focus on any task has always been extremely hit and miss, but by doing karate she has improved tremendously with both her listening, concentration and understanding skills. It has also helped improve her strength physically which is fantastic as she suffers from hypermobility. For anyone considering martial arts for their child, I would definitely recommend sending them here. The whole team are very professional and also very welcoming but best of all is you are made to feel part of the KRMA family.

My little boy really wanted to attend karate. I enquired online once he was old enough to attend and received a call from Andrew who spent the time to listen to what I wanted to gain out of the session for my little boy and how best to support him. From the first session we were made to feel like part of the team and the teachers really take the time and interest in getting to know you and your child. Throughout lockdown the team have gone above and beyond to ensure the learning and involvement of their students and offered fun activities. I highly recommend, I am hoping to sign my other little boy up once he is old enough!

Amy Dibdin

My son started here when he was 4 he is now almost 8. He loves it the team have really helped him with his confidence and behaviour. Amazing work guys keep up the hard work. Also during lock down they have been Amazing such a superb support bubble 👏 #wearekrma

Karen Brockett

My daughter joined KRMA little under 5 years ago. It’s been the best 5 years of her life! No only has Sensei Andy and his team gone above during the pandemic they are superb role models for all their students. When life threw them Covid-19 the team allowed all students to carry on training, grading, fun activities online to keep their students busy... the list is endless! Would I dream of sending my daughter to another karate school? NO WAY!!! My daughter has grown so much, she is confident made life long friends and most importantly staying active! Thank you KRMA! You guys are AMAZING!! ❤️❤️

ben squire

Koku-ryu martial arts is a Fantastic place for anybody wanting to learn martial arts. The team is very welcoming and you feel part of a family. We was looking to help our children build up concentration, self belief and fitness and was told martial arts could help. We tried other schools but was it was not what we imagined and was told about The Brigg Martial Arts Centre by a parent of students who attended there school. After speaking to Andy we put both boys into classes and the changes it made was easy to see not just at martial arts but other areas such as school. Both boys fully enjoy the classes. No one gets left behind at KRMA. The instructors have the time for everybody and they believe in all students. I would recommend Koku-ryu to everybody thinking of martial arts to get in touch and find out just how much the team can help them. Even through the recent pandemic The team have been there to not only support and teach there students but support others who are not members of this fantastic club #WEAREKRMA

Dave Walker

Thomas is always excited to go and happy when he comes home, always talking about what he has done each session Sensei Sam & Karl are great teachers

Susie Power

I initially signed my youngest daughter up to Dragon Tots because she was so full of energy. Dragon tots helped her to focus some of her attention to the task at hand. Once my eldest daughter saw the enjoyment, she started Junior dragons. It is a lovely friendly place where friends are made, not just between students but parents as well. After a while, I joined K60. I thought I might as well practice what I preach. I have lost weight and made friends. KRMA is a lot more than a martial arts school. They teach lifelong skills, including first aid, fire safety, discipline, focus and most importantly how to be a well rounded person. This is not a martial arts school that teaches how to hit hard! It's about how to safely practice martial arts and being able to defend yourself. Students are also taught, when it comes to fighting, if you dont have to fight, don't! Just because you know how doesn't mean you have to. During my 3 years at the school, I've seen so many students grow in confidence, including my children. I have and continue to highly recommend KRMA to anyone!

Can not recommend KRMA enough to anybody. My daughter started about 2 years ago (and considering she quits everything she hasn’t quit this) the team are amazing, welcoming and friendly. All nerves were put to rest on day one. We now have an amazing extended family. My daughter loves doing karate. Many thanks to Sensei Hannah and Sensei Andy for all their hard work time and effort put in to helping my daughter (and myself) to become a better person. This just hasn’t helped her with self defence this has also helped her concentrate, become more disciplined (in all aspects including school) and best of all she has new friends and is part of an amazing KRMA family

kirsty shaw

My daughter started at krma just over 2 years ago, she asked to start karate so I looked for schools within our area and came across krma 6 week trial, I couldn’t believe what a fantastic offer it was and thought it was perfect to try as there was no pressure to continue if my daughter didn’t like it. Well after a fab 6 weeks my daughter wanted to continue, I hoped it would give her a bit of confidence in herself as she can get a bit anxious and have self doubt, but after being at krma she has come on so much, she is much more confident in herself, she has made some fantastic friends and the instructors and staff are second to none. I highly recommend krma and if you’re looking into martial arts then this is the place to be 🥋

Alisha Collins

My son has been a member for a while now and we have been blown away by the support from the club. So much so, we’ve just enrolled our daughter. There’s never a shortage of activities to get involved in, not just during the sessions but also outside of them too. The enthusiasm and effort that Hannah puts into every session is second to none and it’s obvious how much she’s cares deeply, not only about the sport, but about each and every child she teaches. We cannot recommend them highly enough.

I have been part of krma for about 8 years a i enjoy it so much i achieved my 1st dan black belt this year and i was very happy thank you andy for allways believeing in me

Great club for my kids to be part of 👍

Mark Cleghorn

I cant see how anyone could give Koku Ryu anything less than five stars, my son has been going for a few months now and worked with Hannah his sensei, he is talkative little monster and she has been patient with him, he has definitely improved his martial arts and listening and concentration too by going. Highly recommended

Our daughter loves her krma sessions, they have boosted her confidence and self believe, it's given her something to work towards, met new friends and she takes it very serious but with the fun element too. During these uncertain times with covid the KRMA Team has gone above and beyond to ensure they can deliver the best possible lessons during the lockdown, even inviting the families to join in on the lessons, they care a great deal about the individual members and are always at hand if questions arise. Keep doing the amazing job and many thanks

Linze Clark

My son loves attending his class in Goxhill, it’s really helping him gain confidence and get fit. They go above and beyond to make each child feel welcome and special with lots of motivational rewards and achievements. I look forward to seeing my son come home after each class so he can show me his new moves. Would highly recommend.

This business is more like family and help your children grown into strong confident young people. They have worked so hard over the last 12 months to meet every child's individual needs. They have kept the spirits of the children and adults up in what's been a very challenging time. I would 100% recommend you give this business a try. Thank you for everything you've done for Mac 😊

Frankie X

What a fab martial arts school KRMA is! We signed our daughter up around 1year and a half ago to help build on her confidence and fitness. Since then she's come on leaps and bounds with the support of Sensei Andy and Sensei Hannah. Along with learning to defend herself she's also learnt many other life skills, her listening and communication skills have improved and she's also completed a first aid course! Through lockdown the KRMA team have gone above and beyond, not only making sure the pupils have online classes but ace social zoom session, fun and games, quizzes challenges, you name it. When the kids were locked in, they brought a little normality and excitement to our living rooms. I recommend KRMA to anyone looking to join welcoming, supportive martial arts school.

Hayley Coe

Recently started our 5 year old twins at the junior dragons classes in Barton. They are absolutely loving their time with Hannah, so pleased we joined them up. 10/10!!!!!

Lizzie Winter

My son loves it. I definitely recommend joining KRMA

Leanne Howson

So initially we started looking for somewhere that was more focused on an approach which worked for our Son. They needed to grab his attention and keep it, he perhaps needed to concentrate more and stay focused. When we arrived at KRMA on day 1 we were greeted with a warm welcome. Nothing was too much trouble. The instructors are passionate and the knowledge they have between them is fab. Our Son has fun as well as learning as he went along. In turn this has given him confidence and life skills that are invaluable. A short time after our Son had been going we decided to join up the rest of the family, its a common interest and we stay healthy! Give them a try... You won't regret it and will be made most welcome.

Carl Stothard

After initially contacting regarding lessons for our then five year olds twins and watching them grow and progress my daughter achieving her 1st Dan black belt and my son 1st kyu freestyle karate during their journey the wife and myself decided to join as well . We loved the family friendly atmosphere and teaching style. Six years on my wife and myself are now instructors here and still love it as much as the day we first started . Continuous support via online zoom lessons during this pandemic shows dedication above and beyond . Why train here ? As with anything in life to get out what you put in . Train hard and Anyone genuinely wanting to achieve will . I can't imagine training anywhere else.

sharon rhoades

My son Jack started when he was 6 and absolutely loved it. Starting in junior dragon his confidence grew so much. After several months I decide I wanted to join i also found it to be a big confidence booster. Myself and Jack trained hard and bounced of each other. After 4 year we both graded for our black belts and past what amazing accomplishment it was to share with him. All the instructors were and still are amazing and always there to help nothing is to much trouble. Jack is now a 2nd Dan Black belt in Traditional Karate and trains 4 nights a week in multiple classes . At KRMA it is like a big family. Its friendly but disciplined and everything is structured to suit all different ages and needs. Awesome place to train.

Karen Evans

Brilliant! Thanks Hannah Lilly really enjoyed it.


I joined summer 2019, staff were welcoming from the day I stepped through the door. The levels of memberships offered are extremely reasonable and there is none of this being contranted to 12months etc. The standard of teaching is excellent. The Team run such a family oriented establishment. I highly recommend KRMA to my friends and family.

Dave Atkinson

Great family led session. Everyone gets along, everyone welcome. Very supportive structured program catering for all abilities.

Amazing, dedicated team who never stop. Massive confidence boost for 8yo since joining a year ago. Huge support online and throughout Covid / lockdowns with online academy and videos for training and practising at home. They simply cannot do enough for you and I will be forever grateful for the difference KRMA have made to our family.

Darren Lee

Great instructors, Great atmosphere, my daughter loves it and at the same time works hard for the belts. This is the real deal as far as martial arts are concerned.

The staff and instructors are fantastic. They listen they help they advise and through this pandemic have been amazing. I really can’t recommend KRMA enough. Sensei Andy and Sensei Hannah has been really supportive of my daughter through her training. She has settled in really well and it’s all thanks to them 😊

Katie Sauvage

Sensei Hannah is a warm kind welcoming teacher. Malachi has really enjoyed learning freestyle karate 🥋 with her.

Karen Evans

Great club!

Katie Sauvage

Sensei Hannah is warm and kind and welcoming. The karate classes are brilliant Malachi and Precious really enjoy their classes

becky Hulatt

Me and my son both attend classes in brigg. We both love attending and are reaching new goals with the support is Sensei Andy and his team and our class mates. My sons confidence has improved greatly and he loves the dragon tots classes. 100% recommend for both young and old

Wend Burrows

Family atmosphere in a Martial Arts Club is hard to find these days. This club has it and a lot more. Great instructors, great students. Lots of different styles of martial arts to train in and weapons such as Bo Staff, Nunchucks and Sword. You work hard to obtain your belts at this club. Great way to get fit and stay fit and being confident enough to be able to get out of dangerous situations if the need ever arises. The confidence I’ve seen arise in young students has been amazing and respect for each other is fantastic to witness.


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